7 Winning Exterior Trends to Bring into 2023

exterior of modern shopping center

Whether you’re building a commercial property from the ground up or just looking to refresh the tired exterior on one of your existing buildings, here are 7 trends to ignite your creativity and help you bring your ideas to life!


Stone and Brick Are Back!

What’s that? You didn’t know they’d left? Like most design elements, stone and brick took a back seat to vinyl siding in everything from muted to clobber-you-over-the-head bright tones for many years. Now these classically beautiful and natural exteriors are back with a vengeance—look at these carefully when you’re choosing or refreshing an exterior for your commercial building.


Stone veneer and manufactured stone, (https://robeyinc.com/stucco/services/stone-veneer/)

sometimes called cultured or artificial stone, is a less expensive alternative to natural stone. Each one is made from Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and mineral oxides for coloration, then cast in an individual mold, creating a natural and realistic look.


Go Minimalist

Less is more and minimalist doesn’t mean boring. Far from it. A minimalist design starts with clean and simple lines rendered in a monochromatic palette that create a sophisticated look for your property’s exterior. Light colors such as shades of white, cream or beige reflect and bend light, enhancing the overall modern look of your building’s exterior. Bright whites also contrast beautifully against your landscape of shrubs, greenery, and seasonal flowers.


Choose Bold Accents

If the sleek modern vibe of a minimalist exterior doesn’t do it for you, consider using accents that stand out boldly on your building. Why not offset your light-colored siding with dark gutters and window frames? Pair a neutral black and white palette with surprising accents like gold or crimson. Another popular detail to consider on your commercial property’s exterior are Craftsman touches, including painted wood siding, cedar shake shingles, and stone or stucco accents. https://robeyinc.com/stucco/services/stucco-finishes/


Say Yes to Dramatic Entrances

There’s the old saying that reminds us that we never get a second chance to make a good first impression…so why not make the exterior entryway to your commercial property extra-dramatic, yet welcoming? A red front door is yesterday’s news, but how about yellow or a bright peacock blue? Design-wise, glass and iron front doors say 2023, and they let in a lot more light to your foyer and reception area. Do you have a spot for Dutch Doors anywhere on the exterior of your commercial property? They’re taking the residential design scene by storm! Look for ways to accentuate the door frames and surrounds—be creative.


Go with a Trending Color

Warm neutral colors have steadily increased in popularity in the 2020s and aren’t showing signs of going away. The combination of gray and beige (greige) is an appealing choice for a commercial property. Looking for a tranquil ambiance? A green or blue tone with underlying notes of gray exudes a peaceful vibe and blends easily into the surrounding landscape.


Choose Sustainability

One of the newest trends in commercial building exteriors is the development of sustainable sidings. Building owners and property management companies are increasing opting choices for these eco-friendly products for their commercial buildings, like siding made from wood fibers and other compounds. Resistant to rot, fungus, insects, and weather, these engineered woods are as durable and beautiful as their natural counterparts.



We usually think of curb appeal when we think of homes and residential properties, but commercial properties need a dose of that, too. Talk to us about copper gutters! They’re not only unusual but they age beautifully, too.


Before your clients or potential tenants clear the threshold of your commercial property, they are forming an impression of it. Your building’s exterior finish is the first thing they see, so make sure your choice says 2023!