Sound Batt Insulation––I like the sound of that!

woman stressed at work because of loud noise

If revving engines and outdoor noises feel like they are residing inside, it’s time to soundproof your environment. Sound batt insulation might be the problem-solver you didn’t know you needed until now. Is there a difference between sound batt insulation vs. regular insulation? What is a batt of insulation? 

So many batty questions, right?

That’s why Robey Drywall is here to answer your insulation questions.

What is Sound Batt Insulation?

Sound Attenuation Batts (SABs) is insulation made from lightweight, flexible fiberglass or Rockwool. Batts also include mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) material that helps block sound. Its intuitive design controls noise from transferring between walls. Traditionally fabricated into rolls, sound batts now come pre-cut into standard industry sizes and are ready to install between stud framing and behind drywall.

How Does Batt Insulation Help With Noise?

Batt insulation deadens sound waves by absorbing noise. The thicker the insulation, the weaker the soundwave strength is. Thinner batts do deaden quieter sounds, but you may still hear the neighbor’s Friday night jam session next door. Talk with Robey’s experts to see which type is perfect for you. 

Soundproofing vs. Regular Insulation: What’s the Difference?

Regular insulation, usually made from cellulose, fiberglass, or Rockwool, is used for thermal insulation. Sound insulation is all about acoustics, keeping noise levels where you want them, and deadening the volume where you don’t. 

Can Batts Help With Insulating Too? 

They sure can! The tightly woven material contains air pockets. These help slow down temperature transfer. Like batts deaden soundwaves, warm or cold air does not easily transfer through it either. That means your HVAC isn’t working overtime to keep you comfortable, and that’s a win for the environment and your utility bills. 

Whether your project requires sound batt insulation, fire blankets, or exterior wall insulation, you can count on Robey Drywall’s commitment to superior craftsmanship. Robey is a full-service installer for all insulation needs throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. For results on time and within your budget, always rely on Robey. Contact us today!