Choosing the Perfect Stone Veneer

exterior stone veneers on a fireplace

Have you ever driven past a home and admired its stone front? Maybe you even envisioned your own home with a stone exterior. What if you didn’t have to wait until your next move? You probably think it’s impossible or cost-prohibitive, but you can actually enjoy that stone front now. If you’re worried about the cost, keep in mind stone veneers give your house the attractiveness of stone at a more affordable price.

What Are Stone Veneers?

These thin slices of natural stone are an economical way to give surfaces the beautiful appearance of stone. You can apply them to walls, fireplaces, and even the outside of your home. There they can bring your home a bit of elegance and charm, and even add to its value by elevating its curbside appeal. Wouldn’t it be great to have the house someone stops to admire?

What to Consider

When selecting a stone veneer style, you want to think about more than just how much you like the way it looks. Consider its texture, color, pattern, and how well it will work with your current design. You want something to look stunning and complement the overall look and feel of your home.

Take a moment and think about stone veneer’s durability, strength, and any maintenance requirements. Consider whether or not it will tolerate your local climate and, of course, don’t forget to take your budget into account. You want a style that not only looks great but will be able to stand the test of time. If you want the help of the experts, you can trust Robey! We’ll make sure you get exactly what you want. 

What to Choose for Residential Projects

Exterior Stone Veneer Applications

Stone veneer siding is a beautiful look that will impress your guests and passersby. Use it on your home’s facades to elicit a great first impression. Patios and outdoor kitchens with stone veneer accents increase your home’s usable space by providing a durable and stylish surface where you can cook and entertain family and friends. Meanwhile, this can also be used in an entryway to make a grand statement, setting a tone for what should be expected inside. These exterior applications can even make your property more valuable, making them a worthwhile investment for that fact alone.

Interior Applications

Who says you’re limited to the outside of your house? You can use these stone pieces inside your home in a variety of places. A stone accent wall in the living room creates a stunning focal point and improves the appearance of the entire room. Surrounding a fireplace with them can make your living room feel cozy with a rustic charm that’s great for unwinding and hosting alike. Can’t you just picture having friends over for pizza and enjoying the warmth of your fireplace?

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, stone can be used for a beautiful backsplash that’s easy to clean. It can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary perfect for de-stressing at the end of a long day. So, whether you want something with a sleek and modern look or if you prefer a more traditional appeal, these veneers can be used throughout your home to add both character and style.

What to Choose for Commercial Projects

Aesthetics and practicality aren’t limited to being used in the home; they’re an attractive element used in many commercial buildings.

Exterior Applications

Businesses wanting to improve the appearance of their exteriors can install stone in places like facades, entryways, or outdoor seating areas.

They can be placed on the outside of retail stores to create eye-catching displays that draw in customers and encourage them to go inside and shop. They can also make the store feel more comfortable which can entice customers to stay longer and spend more.

Hotels with the appearance of stone on entrance features or outdoor patios provide an inviting space for their guests. At the same time, restaurants can use them to improve their all-important curbside appeal that welcomes diners.

Businesses and commercial spaces can use these veneers on the exteriors of their buildings to welcome patrons while reinforcing brand identity and distinguishing the company from their competitors. Their long life and versatility make them a practical choice for many commercial businesses.

Interior Applications

In office lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, or hotels, the appearance of stone can create an inviting space for guests. It can be incorporated into a business’s accent walls or used in reception areas where it portrays professionalism and makes a strong first impression. Retailers can use them for displays and feature walls that draw customers’ attention. This is a perfect place for new or featured products to be promoted.

Restaurants can install them on walls or around bars, and hotels can place them on lobby walls or in guest rooms to enhance the space’s charm. Like we said earlier, they’re easy to maintain and able to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear over time. This makes them a great choice for commercial spaces with a lot of foot traffic.

Considerations for Commercial Projects

When making your choice, branding, foot traffic, and building codes are all important issues that your business may need to tackle. Choose a design that aligns with your company’s brand image and be sure it’s capable of withstanding the demands of a high-traffic, heavy-use environment.

Stone surfaces can help businesses save time and resources on upkeep. Consider weather conditions in your local area when choosing the best style for your commercial space’s exterior. It needs to be sturdy to avoid damage from rain, sleet, snow, or sun fading. 

Next, don’t forget about having a stone veneer installation timeline. For many businesses, this is critical since they can’t afford to have disruptions to operations during a construction or renovation project. Hiring a reputable and experienced installer can also help make your installation process smooth and easy. A professional will also make certain that your project follows the appropriate timeline and stays within budget.

Through it all, make sure you’re following all building codes and regulations. Neglecting this can put you in violation of the law. By carefully considering all of these factors, businesses can select something to elevate their commercial space’s appearance while still meeting necessary practical and functional needs.

Trust the Professionals

When selecting the best for your commercial space, don’t hesitate to explore all of the different options available, and ask the professionals for their advice to help you make the best choice for your stone veneer project. Reach out to Robey today!