Trends in Stone Veneer Installation

When considering the stone veneer installation process, it’s important to understand that it’s just another term for Faux Stone.

The first step is to look at the big picture and define the desired end result. Stone veneer fits into many homeowners’ visions due to its versatility in both aesthetic and function. It looks right at home in several applications, and functions similar to natural stone, albeit much more affordable.

Currently, there are several style choices that are trending within this industry. Today’s customers are looking for a variety of color choices. Darker tones are popular indoor options, and they complement stone veneer backsplashes beautifully! As for the outside aspect, lighter and brighter helps to catch the sun’s rays and turn heads.

Where Do Customers Want Stone Veneers Installed?

Customers want to get the most out of their stone veneers both indoors and outdoors. No matter the location, texture is the current reigning king. Homeowners love having that variety in their mantels and walls, but more creative minds will recognize other places to apply stone veneers.

Bathrooms and kitchens can be enhanced with color and texture instead of boring white walls. For those who have pillars in their homes, these present a great opportunity to add that textured, colored accent without overhauling a room.

Let’s think outside the box (literally). Fire pits and patios are a great place to show off this beautiful stone look. Because of its natural feel, it makes sense to have it in your outdoor sanctuary. And it doesn’t need to be part of a functional piece at all! Using stone veneer for an accent piece meant to beautify the space is a popular tactic.

Beauty Can Be Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t just a flavor of the week trend. It’s something that’s designed to last while helping planet to last as well. That’s why many modern-day homeowners want their stone veneers to be made from materials that are better for the environment. Today, they often appreciate thin applications that utilize natural stone instead of materials that are made from plastics.

Many customers want the look and feel that will provide them with that more authentic and rustic appearance. Stone veneer is a perfect solution! At Robey, we have years of experience with these materials. We’d love to help you bring your vision to life!