The Features & Advantages of Durock® Cement Board (Durock® DEFS)

durock defs illustrationDurock® DEFS (Direct Applied Exterior Finish System) is a versatile cement board with many uses, including as a base for stucco and EIFS finishes. Cement boards are flame resistant, weatherproof solutions that increase the strength and durability of your exterior finishes. Using Durock® DEFS can streamline the installation of an Exterior Insulated Finishing System, or EIFS, since it takes the place of the rigid polystyrene foam that is typically used under it.

Durock® is a great system for blocking moisture from your building, but it has many other advantages, too. 

These Features of Durock® Mean a More Durable Finish for Your Project

There are many reasons we recommend Durock® for your projects, but here are a few outfits best:

High Strength: Durock® resists cracking, denting, and deformation and can last twenty years or more.

Faster installation: Because it is a dry panel installation that doesn’t require mixing and drying cement, 

Durock® cement boards can be installed up to six times faster than traditional solutions.

Better Water Protection: Durock® DEFS is highly resistant to moisture and humidity, resisting swelling, decay, mold, and other water damage.

Light Weight: With a board weight of just over 13kg, it is ten times lighter in weight than other finishing products.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durability and strength of Durock® cement boards means lower maintenance and less potential for major issues, such as water penetration or cracking.

Increased Performance: Durock® DEFS adds to your building’s insulation, helps to muffle outside noise, and increases fire resistance.

Designed to Bond: Durock® cement boards have a rough surface, increasing their ability to bond with finishes.

Versatility: Durock® Basecoat provides a surface ready to be customized with any color or texture.

Where Can Robey Use Durock® Cement Board DEFS?

Robey uses Durock® in many applications, but it is generally used on wood or steel frames. It offers efficient, quick installation cladding that makes it ideal for architectural accents such as canopy assemblies and soffits.

Robey can use Durock® DEFS for many applications, including: 

  • Slab to slab wall solutions: The most most-effective, practical for exterior drywall.
  • Curtain wall solutions: Durock® is ideal for covering floor slab misalignments, which are far more difficult to correct with bricks or blocks.
  • High Moisture Solution: The water resistance of Durock® makes it a great solution for interior drywall projects and exterior areas exposed to high levels of moisture such as pools, saunas, showers, and kitchens.

For more information about how Durock® DEFS can save you money on energy and maintenance costs, provide superior water resistance, and be installed far faster and with less hassle than other traditional methods, contact us today.