8 Reasons to Love Interior Stucco

tan home interior with table and lampIf you’re tired of looking at flat, boring walls, consider adding stucco wall finishings to your space. Stucco is an amazing way to hide imperfections, add texture and visual appeal, and create a warm feel for your home. You can use stucco on interior walls for any purpose, from adding depth to a room to creating light, airy ceilings and amazing accents. There are plenty of reasons to love interior stucco for your home.

1. Stucco Walls and Wood Floors Create Timeless and Classic Beauty

Stucco walls, paired with hardwood floors, create a cozy, warm feeling reminiscent of an Italian villa. They make a beautiful complement to wood floors, and the flexible finish can be painted to help you create any interior you desire.

2. Stucco in the Bathroom

Stucco goes wonderfully with tile flooring, making it an excellent choice in the bathroom. Change up the feel of the bathroom by choosing wide tiles for a more minimalistic approach, or smaller tiles for a cozier feel. Again, painting it gives you flexibility to create any bathroom color scheme you want.

3. Cover Up Old, Outdated, Damaged Plaster Walls

If you have an older house, chances are you’re plagued with easily damaged plaster walls. These can be covered by stucco, which will hide imperfections. Interior stucco finishes are, by nature, far sturdier than plaster.

4. Stucco Ceilings

Bring country charm into your home with a stucco ceiling. This finish really sets off a gorgeous crown molding and adds a light, breezy feel to the rooms, especially when paired with soft textile accents. Leave your walls untextured for an added contrast, and paint according to your taste.

5. Pair Stucco Walls with Faux Wooden Beams

As we mentioned in number 1, stucco looks fantastic with wood flooring, but why stop there? Add a few faux beams to the ceiling and really enhance the room. This creates a warm, yet well-defined space, suitable for any area in your home.

6. Rustic Feel in the Kitchen

If you’re a fan of farmhouse decor, finishing your kitchen in stucco adds the appeal of rustic country living to your home’s interior. Pair the walls with wood cabinets for a real taste of farmhouse chic.

7. Vintage Spaces Beg for Interior Stucco

Vintage style is all about clean, open spaces partnered with coziness, guaranteed to take you back to a simpler time. If you find many of your furnishings embrace older eras, a stucco interior will showcase them to perfection.

8. Unique Interior Finishes for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can choose stucco to create offices and interiors that are unique and memorable. It adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any professional environment.

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