The Benefits of EIFS – Part Two

If you have read part one of this article, you already know that EIFS offers some pretty meaningful benefits, such as energy efficiency and design flexibility. We’d like to keep this going here in part two by offering up three more key points that you should keep in mind when considering EIFS for a project.

Impressive Durability

Who doesn’t love a durable product? One of the first things you are going to consider with any construction material or product is how long that product can be expected to last. If it is only going to last a few years before it needs major repair – or even replacement – it isn’t going to be a very attractive choice. On the other hand, something that can last for decades while receiving very little attention is highly valuable.

You can probably guess which category EIFS installation fits into. This is a system which typically maintains a great look as the years go by, thanks to its composition. It’s resistant to things like mold and mildew, and it rarely needs to be painted. Rather than applying a coat of paint, EIFS can often be freshened up simply by washing it off.
One of the common complaints with traditional stucco is the cracking that will typically occur as a building shifts. That is usually not a problem with EIFS, since the system is meant to be flexible. Also, thanks to the fact that the color of the product is integrated throughout, a surface scratch will barely be noticeable because the material underneath is the same color.

Fire Ready

Of course, you’d prefer to never have any of your EIFS installations tested by a fire. However, it is good to know that this product has passed the major fire resistance testing required to meet building codes. This is important not only in terms of being able to use the product thanks to its ability to meet code, but you can also feel good about using something that has shown it is suitable for use and considered safe from a fire standpoint.

Managing Moisture

The control of water is one of the key considerations when building any structure. You need to keep water where it belongs – which is out of your building. If you are looking for water resistance, you are going to want to take a careful look at EIFS, as it does the job just about as well as any other exterior option.

On this point, we do need to stress the importance of proper insulation. The product itself offers excellent resistance to water, but only when it is installed properly.
Also, potential points of entry for water like windows need to be handled correctly so the overall system is not compromised.

In the end, there is a lot to like about EIFS. It is going to be the right choice for many different types of projects, so be sure to at least keep it on your list while working through the planning stages. The more you think about what this product can bring to your project, the more likely you are to make it your final selection.