Home Exterior Design Trends For 2020

floor to ceiling windows
Dated colors and finishes on your home’s exterior can make it look tired and old— affecting its curb appeal and causing it to lose value. Whether it’s a cosmetic update or something more organic, there are many fresh ideas you can use to help you get the most out of your home. And the best news is it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars to get a million dollar look! These exterior home trends for 2020 are versatile, flexible ways to liven up your home’s style and appeal.

Dark Colors.

Always a popular choice in the south, dark exterior colors are catching on across the nation. Choose from a saturated navy, a deep charcoal color, or a rich burgundy. Consider your house’s architectural style and its surroundings, but don’t worry— a dark color is rarely the wrong choice for a home exterior, so be bold!

Dark on Dark.

Light trim against dark siding or other finish was the standard for home exteriors for many years, but that’s changing. A hot trend for 2020 blends dark trim on dark color siding for a distinctly contemporary look. Natural or dark wood shakes or shingles trimmed with rich chocolate is a winning combination for a rustic look. Charcoal siding accented with a gray trim that is several shades darker creates a contemporary look that is decidedly on-trend.

Fifty+ Shades of Grey.

Gray has surpassed cream and off-white as the go-to neutral color in home design for nearly a decade. The farmhouse vibe that has gotten so popular leans heavily on the brown/grey blend known as “greige” for inside decor and outside finishes. Greige isn’t going anywhere, and the gray trend in general is expected to continue, but look for new shades of gray to become part of the array. We’re seeing deep charcoal hues with undertones of eggplant and forest gaining in popularity, as well as shades that border on black. In fact, the deeper the shade of grey, the greater its appeal will be in 2020.

Paint it Black.

Black has always been a popular choice for shutters and doors, but 2020 finds moving up the ranks as the next hottest color for home exteriors. Want a bold, eye-catching facade? Think about introducing black into your color scheme in a bigger way.

Floor to Ceiling Glass.

If your goal is a bright, light-filled home, open up your mind to windows in a whole new way. Create drama with a wall of sliding plate glass doors— perhaps that open on to a beautiful outdoor living space. Regular double hung windows that are simply deeper and wider than the standard will make your home more attractive and light-filled— and more functional.

Bringing the Inside Out.

Outdoor living spaces represent one of the hottest trends in home design this decade— and that trend is only increasing in popularity as we head into the 2020s.
Decks and patios that are tricked out with built-ins, gazebos, hot tubs, fire pits, and even outdoor kitchens and bars are turning yards into true extensions of homes’ living space. Anything you can do to connect the interior to the exterior of your home will add significantly to your home’s wow factor.

Durable, High-Quality Materials.

No matter what color, texture, or approach you choose to refresh or upgrade your home’s exterior, the quality and durability of the materials you select will be key. Look for finishes that are functional, attractive, and low-maintenance. For example, fiber cement siding is different and attractive— and with the right insulation, it will increase your home’s efficiency and functionality, too. Plus, it’s both insect- and fire-resistant, and extremely durable— a fiber cement siding exterior will be maintenance-free for years.

So if your home’s exterior needs a makeover, do some homework. Consider incorporating some of these 2020 trends into your design to achieve a house that is on-trend today, and on-track to appreciate in the years to come. Consider incorporating any of these trends for 2020 into your design, to help cash in now and in the future.