Stone Veneer – How to Choose the Best Option

manufactured stone exterior
In the right setting, stone veneer – also commonly referred to as manufactured stone – can add a beautiful look to your building. There are a number of stone veneer choices available on the market today, and while each of them has their own advantages, some will be better than others for your needs. If this is your first time shopping for stone veneer, you may not know how to sort through the choices to come away with a winner. To help you get started, and to hopefully make it easy for you to find the right project, we’ve offered some tips in the post below.

Location is Important

Think about where you are going to be placing your stone veneer as you try to select the right option for your needs. Stone veneer can be used nicely in a variety of locations around a home, but your specific plan for your house may have an impact on which type of veneer you select. Are you going to be using a lot of stone veneer, or just a bit? Lay out your entire plan upfront so you can imagine how the various options will look once in place.

Repeating Patterns

When you go with faux stone veneer for the exterior of part of your home, you’ll notice that the pattern of the stones repeats. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, as it’s just part of the manufacturing process. However, if you have a large space and plan to use a lot of manufactured stone, you might want to look for options that cover a larger area before repeating. A frequently-repeating pattern used across a big wall, for instance, might look a little odd and draw attention for the wrong reasons. Inquire about how often the pattern repeats on any stone veneer product that you are considering.

Color is a Big Factor

The color that you go with for your veneer is going to play a big role in the appearance of the finished product. Most homeowners will want to go with a pattern that varies its color rather significantly within the design, so one shade doesn’t dominate the appearance. Also, it’s usually best to stay on the neutral side of the ledger, as you might like a bold color now only to feel like it’s too much later on.

Get Help

There is nothing wrong with looking for help from an experienced contractor who has been working with stone veneer for years. Such a contractor will know what to look for when selecting a veneer product and will be able to provide advice on what he or she has seen in the past. The final choices will still be yours, of course, but having an experienced eye offer you advice is a big help. Even if you already have a pretty clear picture of what you want, talking with an expert can give you confirmation that your ideas will come to life properly, and you may also find out about some other points that you should consider before having the work completed.