Stucco: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

house with exterior finish
Stucco looks great on the exterior of nearly any building. Of course, you already knew that. However, beyond its great looks, there are a number of other things you should know about stucco before you decide whether or not to use it on your home. Below, we are going to address some of the frequently asked questions related to this popular material.

Can The Color Be Changed?

When first finishing your home with stucco, you will go to great lengths to pick out a color which perfectly matches your tastes. There is only one problem – your tastes may change over time. So, can you change the color down the road? Absolutely. However, it is best to avoid painting over your stucco, as the stucco is supposed to breathe. Paint may trap moisture inside, which will be bad for the performance and durability of the product. Instead, a change of color is best accomplished by adding new stucco over the current finish. This way, you will maintain the characteristics of the material while attaining the new look you desire.

Can Stucco Be Added to a Painted Surface?

It is best to have the existing paint removed before stucco is applied. Stucco will struggle to adhere to a painted surface, meaning the finished product will not be as secure and durable as it should be. Sandblasting is commonly used to remove paint from a surface which is marked for sandblasting.

Should There Be Cracks In My Stucco?

In a word – yes. Cracking in stucco is perfectly normal, and it is actually a sign that the stucco has set properly. When the water in the stucco evaporates after installation, the produce will shrink and some small cracks may appear. These cracks, as long as they are relatively small, are not a problem and should be expected.

How Hard Is It To Re-stucco My Home?

Adding a new layer of stucco is not a particularly difficult process, but it does need to be completed by an experienced team of professionals. The existing stucco on your home will likely need to be sandblasted in order to remove the surface. Repairs to the current stucco can be made at this time, if necessary, before the new stucco is applied.

Why Would I Pick Stucco?

There are a number of reasons why stucco makes a great choice for the exterior of your home. First, as mentioned earlier, is the appearance of this material. This is a great looking product to use as siding on your home, and it is available in a wide range of colors. Also, the pricing of stucco is modest, as it is nowhere near the most expensive siding choice on the market. Finally, there are few maintenance requirements for stucco as the years go by. Once you have invested in your stucco finish, you can plan on getting a great return on that investment for many years to come.