Fascia Repair

The fascia board is located at the point where your roof meets the outer walls of the house and is the final row of support for the lowest part of the roof shingles or tiles. Fascia boards anchor gutters in place, keep water from leaking into the roof deck and getting into the internal system, and stop squirrels, birds and insects from getting into your attic. Their position just below the roofline your fascia boards extremely vulnerable to water damage– and once the boards become saturated, they will deteriorate quickly.

As with your roof, gutters, and downspouts, you need an expert to help you decide if you should repair or replace the fascia on your home. Robey’s experienced roofing professionals can help you identify and evaluate where the issues are with your fascia board, and provide a written estimate to repair, replace or install this essential component of your home.


I would highly recommend Robey, Inc. for use on any project as their level of commitment to client satisfaction and “getting the job done” is second to none. They have well exceeded all expectations related to quality, quantity, expertise and cost management of the project.
Steven D. HullThe Norwood Company