The Popularity & Longevity of Manufactured Stone Veneer Siding

condo building with stone veneer
Not that long ago, manufactured stone veneers didn’t fool anyone. Poorly produced and obviously fake, they were rarely used in quality construction.

Fast forward 20 years and the situation has totally changed. The look of manufactured stone has gone from obviously fake to almost completely realistic. Compared to natural stone, manufactured stone is lighter, more affordable, and easier to install with even more color choices than natural stone.

As a result, architects, designers, and builders are now calling for stone veneers in a wide variety of projects. At less than half the cost of natural stone siding, veneer siding puts this decidedly upscale look within reach for many who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

Modern stone veneers are a combination of concrete, small stones, mineral oxide color pigments, and other add-ins that help produce a more durable product. These veneers weather like natural stone, experiencing little color fading because of the way the pigment incorporates into the base materials.

From metal to wood to masonry, stone veneer is compatible with a range of structures. It is extremely durable, standing up to wide variances of temperature and moisture. ASTM standards dictate that all materials be lightweight in order to ease installation, create a strong bond when set, and minimize the load on the underlying structure. Special shapes are manufactured for corners and windowsills. Standards for thickness and dimensions of each unit help control weight.

Installing stone veneers in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is critical. Most veneer manufacturers will guarantee their products for 50 years when installed properly.

Advancements in technology have helped create realistic, attractive, and cost-effective manufactured stone veneers with a realistic aesthetic that offer a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from. When you choose a quality product and have it installed correctly, manufactured stone veneers will maintain their distinctive, high-end look for decades, weathering similarly to the way natural stone does.