Design, Flexibility & Efficiency – The Advantages of EIFS

shopping center eifsIt’s hard to find much bad to say about EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems). When trying to decide what material you are going to use for the exterior of a building, opting for exterior insulation finishing systems makes a lot of sense on many fronts. If you haven’t yet been convinced that EIFS is the right way to go for your project, please read on and discover some of the advantages of this impressive option.

The Energy Battle

So much focus in construction these days is on energy efficiency, and for good reason. There are financial and environmental benefits to being more energy efficient, so it is something that everyone should focus on. This is one of the big points in the favor of EIFS, as you’ll find tremendous energy efficiency with this system. Thanks to the fact that EIFS creates a continuous layer of exterior insulation, it reduces the kinds of air leaks which are common in many buildings.

Make It Look Great

You are no doubt wanting to use a product that can provide a great look on the exterior of a building. This is another area where EIFS shines. You won’t have to worry about being stuck with one look that is a copy of every other building in the area, as EIFS is highly customizable to meet your needs and tastes.

The key here is to work with a talented applicator who can produce exactly the look you have in mind for your project. No matter what color you have in mind for the job, that shade should be achievable, and your applicator should be able to take your vision and bring it to life. It is exciting as a designer to have access to a product which can be used to create nearly any visual dynamic desired, while also offering great performance and energy efficiency benefits.

The Big Picture

There is plenty to like about EIFS even if you only look at the present day. It is excellent in terms of energy efficiency, it provides you with a wide range of design options, and there are many performance advantages to speak of. Beyond those points, you can look forward to a long useful life out of this product thanks to its impressive durability. There is a minimal amount of maintenance required on an ongoing basis with EIFS, so you can just sit back and enjoy for the most part once it is in place.

You would have to be looking a while to find anything to complain about when it comes to EIFS. With so much to like, and so few drawbacks, it is no wonder that so many projects are winding up with exterior insulation and finish systems. Even if you aren’t sure that EIFS is going to wind up being your final selection, it’s a good idea to consider this possibility and everything that it brings to the table.