Bring Stone Inside with Stone Veneers

stone veneer fireplace in living room

When you think of stone veneers, chances are you think of sheets of flimsy, artificial-looking DIY solutions slapped on an exterior surface. Did you know that high-quality stone veneers are made of portland cement and cast from individual molds so they have the look, feel, and durability of real stone? You may never have imagined bringing these solutions into the home or office but, just like interior stucco projects, adding elements of manufactured stone to room designs can create a dramatic look at a fraction of the cost of real stone. Here are some imaginative ways to bring stone veneers inside and transform a space.

1. Fireplace Transformation

The most obvious use of interior stone veneer is creating a fireplace surround. There’s something about a stone wall around the fireplace that adds a cozy, natural feel to the room. You can add a stone hearth to bring the entire look together. Artificial stone solutions are low-maintenance and fire-resistant, meaning they are a durable and safe addition to your fireplace’s surrounding wall.

2. Updated Kitchen

Looking for a new backsplash solution for your kitchen at home or business? Manufactured stone creates an instant dramatic effect on your space and will accentuate any kitchen’s theme and design. Consider adding the stone to the backsplash alone, or pull it together with an accent wall as well.

3. Dramatic Common Areas

The best thing about stone veneer is that it can be an effortless way to add a punch to dull, lifeless walls. Create durable and attractive wainscoting and pair it with a deep, rich paint or add a stone accent wall for dramatic effect to bring new life to common spaces in need of a refreshed look and appeal.

4. Room Transformation

Whether it’s an office or an extension of a living or workspace area, a room can be quickly transformed from a damp wasted space into a welcoming area by adding stone to the walls. The best thing about this application is that, unlike plain drywall, the stone is waterproof and less likely to be damaged due to flooding or leaks.

5. Bathroom Elegance

Big or small, main or guest, any bathroom can be instantly transformed by adding stone veneer. Stone is resistant to damage from water or shower fog, which means less repair and painting for you. Backsplash, wainscoting, accent wall, and manufactured stone finishes create an interesting and elegant bathroom approach.

6. Partitions

Wish you could add a little flair to an open area? Consider a half-wall divider with stone veneer to create an element of privacy or to separate decor themes in large areas. A partition is a great way to separate some space for an office, a reading nook, or a common space.

7. Foyers

Your foyer is the first thing your customers see when they walk through your business’ entry. Adding stone veneer to one, or even all, foyer walls creates a classic and enduring one that welcomes everyone.

Professionally installed high-quality stone veneer is an attractive addition to any interior. Stone veneer comes in a wide variety of colors and stone sizes to customize any space and add a touch of warm, cozy, and classic elegance.