The Benefits of OSHA 30 Hour Training

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Here at Robey Incorporated, we are proudly made up of OSHA 30 employees. From EIFS and stucco to ceiling and drywall installation, we consider safety to be a top priority – and OSHA’s 30-hour training is something we take pride in our workers having. These courses have helped many people avoid injury over the years thanks to the knowledge that they provide. Since there are two different courses which can be tailored to the needs of the business and its employees, this training is always on-topic and relevant to the job at hand. Below are just a few of the many benefits offered by this training.

Identifying Hazards

One of the first keys to avoiding accidents in the workplace is to identify all of the potential hazards that are located around the office, warehouse, factory, or other location. It is not always the large, obvious hazards which lead to injuries – sometimes, it is the small things that go unnoticed until they create a problem. Going through the 30-hour training process teaches employees and managers how to spot potential safety issues before they actually become a problem.

Prompt Reporting

Employees can do a great deal to make their own work environment safer. One of the big steps that each employee can take is to quickly report potential safety concerns to a manager. As long as the company has an appropriate system in place to deal with such concerns, the issue that was first noticed by an employee can be dealt with promptly for the improved safety of everyone involved.

Correct Response

Unfortunately, even the best safety training cannot protect against all possible accidents on the job. When something does occur, it is important that everyone around the site of the accident knows how to respond appropriately. This is another topic which is covered in the 30-hour training. Rather than a panic when an accident takes place, the managers and employees on hand can provide a timely response which may be critical in leading to the best possible outcome for those impacted by the accident.

Wearing the Right Equipment

There is plenty of great safety equipment available today, but it doesn’t do any good if it is not used properly – or not used at all. OSHA’s 30-hour training instructs employees on the important pieces of safety equipment to wear, how to use them, and other important pieces of information. Simply using the right gear, and wearing it at all necessary times, can go a long way toward preventing workplace incidents.

Saving Money

Of course, there is a financial element to this topic as well. Businesses want to keep employees safe not only because that is what is best for the employees as individuals, but also because that is what is best for the bottom line. If you would like to save money on compensation and other costs, putting employees and managers through OSHA’s 30-hour training is an easy decision. Improved safety on the job is good news for everyone involved in the company, from top to bottom, and 30-hour training is a great place to start.